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You may be surprised but there is actually a growing genre within adult films which aims to create visual erotica for straight women. These porn movies are usually created by female directors and they often bypass the usual cliches of porn, including facial cumshots and stupid dialogue. The movies listed here are single examples of each director's style. If you search you'll find that they have released several other titles. Your best bet for a list of all currently available adult videos for straight women is to visit Porn Movies For Women.

Meanwhile, here's a quick sample of what's available:

Under The Covers Candida Royalle's Under The Covers
Candida Royalle made waves back in 1984 when she announced that she wanted to make porn movies for women. Most men in the industry scoffed at the idea, especially when she said she didn't want to include "the money shot" in her movies. 24 years and 19 movies later, Candida is still going strong and her films are bestsellers. Under The Covers is the latest from her Femme line of films. It's the story of a journalist who delves into the world of the adult industry and discovers a little bit about herself along the way - via a plethora of hot sex, of course. It's very steamy but it's also got a great sense of humor as well.

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Female FantasiesFemale Fantasies
I love this movie and can't recommend it enough. British photographer and filmmaker Petra Joy invested her own money in this film, trying to bring her own vision of women's porn to life. And the movie is an absolute triumph of sensuality and arousal. There's plenty of hardcore here but the whole thing has a very artistic feel to it. There's clever "foreplay" scenes to get you in the mood (complete with feathers and burlesque), girl-girl scenarios, lush group sex involving a woman being pleasured by eight different people and even a bisexual orgy in a bathroom. Plus a seriously hot boy-girl scene with a bit of femdom mixed in. Wonderful.

Available from: Strictly Broadband or from Petra's site

Xana and DaxXana And Dax: When Opposites Attract
Documentary maker Tony Comstock makes very unusual erotic movies. They're "pornumentaries" featuring real people having sex just like they would at home. He aims to capture sex within the context of a loving relationship, showing how real people do it, sharing real intimacy and desire without all the usual porn fakery and cliches. The movies feature interviews with each couple before we see them have sex and this makes verything so much more meaningful. Xana and Dax is my favorite of these movies because I think the sex is really hot. And they're both interesting people.

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All About AnnaAll About Anna
What would happen if "real" mainstream movies decided to show the sex instead of cutting away? Normally we don't get to see because real sex in film is a taboo. Not so with this movie, a groundbreaking film from Denmark. It aims to deal with sex and relationships in a realistic manner without shying away from showing full-on, erotic sex. Anna decides she wants to give up love forever, but her determination is put to the test by a string of sexy encounters with both men and women. All About Anna proves that you can have an interesting, watchable movie that also gets you turned on.

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Playgirl Erotic CollectionPlaygirl's Erotic Collection
Playgirl has been making one adult DVD per month since 2006, thanks to a partnership with mega-company Wicked. Their films feature really good looking guys and tend to stick to a certain formula of short vignettes, each centering around a particular female fantasy or scenario. The sex can be a bit cliched, unfortunately, but it all looks wonderful and it still gets the juices flowing. This particular DVD is a compilation of three existing films - Secret Lovers, Body Worship and Stripped - plus some extra stuff. It offers value for money if you're looking for a bit of traditional hardcore Silicon Valley entertainment without the usual misogyny.

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This video is a must-have for women who enjoy seeing men masturbate. Created by porn legend Tina Tyler, it features ten sexy guys jerking off for the camera, murmuring hot dialogue like "I can't wait to lick you" all the while. Most male jerkoff movies are designed for gays; this is the first one created expressly for women. The director had a hard time getting anyone to help her make the movie until Lexington Steele stepped in and said he'd help. Her benefactor even makes a special appearance in this movie, stroking his amazingly long penis while having a shower. It's a lot of fun.

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Take seven porn stars, put them in a house for three days, let them have sex any way they want and then film the result. This Big-Brother-like situation is the brainchild of Tristan Taormino, the famous columnist and sex educator who has moved over into adult movies. This movie is definitely not for the faint-hearted, as it contains plenty of seriously full-on hardcore sex, including anal and gagging blowjobs. The difference is that we get to know the stars themselves and find out what they like to do in bed. You know these women are enjoying themselves, even if they are sexual freaks of a sort. There's a heap of female orgasms and the guys are really likeable too. I'm a fan of Jack Lawrence after his amazing pussy licking scene.

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City Of Flesh 6City Of Flesh 6: Lisa's Little Secret
Lisa and her fiancé struggle to do the right thing. Lisa honestly reveals a small indiscretion; Keith rejects advances from a former girlfriend. In the end, two burning questions will linger: Would a man really refuse free sex? And did Lisa really cheat on Keith? This film from independent director Estelle Joseph offers plenty of hardcore fun with some top-class acting. Estelle is a New-York based producer who got tired of mainstream porn and set out to make movies that she herself would like. The last in her series is my favorite and offers a cohesive, enjoyable adult movie that's also very arousing.

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Expert Guide To Anal SexTristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Anal Sex
Author Tristan Taormino has made her name by being an expert in anal sex. Her site Pucker Up offers advice to those looking to find out more about anal sex and her first porn film was The Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Women, a gonzo production. Her latest movie is an educational guide to butt sex, but it's also a very sexy porn movie. Tristan opens the film with a tutorial on how to do anal properly, aided by two female porn stars. Then we're given "demonstration" scenes by two couples and the result is some wonderfully erotic anal sex. Each scene finishes with an earth-shattering female orgasm. This movie is great because it doesn't offer up the usual offensive attitude towards butt sex, is very respectful toward women AND has plenty of useful advice.

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