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If you're looking for something to kick-start your libido, why not visit one of these adult sites. They're all designed to appeal to straight women so you're bound to find something you'll like. Plus they're discrete and you can enjoy erotic material from the comfort of your own home!

For The GirlsFor The Girls
Online since 2003, this is an independent site run by two women who offer porn that they themselves find sexy. It's bursting at the seams with naked men and gorgeous erotic couples, movies and sex stories. Plus there's an entire women's magazine to browse through, complete with interviews, articles, sex advice, reviews, columns and lots more. You really do get your money's worth here and it's guaranteed to get you feeling steamed up and ready for sex!

"A Sex-positive, feminist, and out and out hot porn site!" - Janes Guide
"For the Girls has opened a whole new door to my sexuality!" - JS, Member
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If you're new to online porn, you might want to visit Sssh. This is a great site for beginners and it really emphasises the sensual and romantic side of sex. Of course, it does have hardcore stuff but all the content is rated so that you can choose how far you want to go. There's also lots of great reading and some top quality movies.
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Couples Pleasure DomeCouples Pleasure Dome
"Couples" porn movies are designed for men and women to watch together, so this site is an ideal spot to kick off a horny evening together. It features specially chosen scenes from a wide variety of top-class adult films, chosen because they will appeal to women. Plus you get access to over 140 other movie sites. There's over 3000 hot hardcore videos on offer. This site also gives you instant free access to Hetero Male Porn Stars
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Playgirl has long been the brand associated with hot naked men. Now the classic magazine is on the web, regularly showcasing their sexy beefcake centerfolds. There's also a huge selection of movies available which feature very high quality production values. You also get access to several recent online copies of the magazine.
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Women's Erotica ClubWomen's Erotica Club
This great site aims to cover a lot of erotic bases, providing female porn fans with naked men, straight couples and a variety section complete with girl-girl sex, fetish and threesomes. There's also quality erotic fiction and articles. Best of all you get instant access to thousands of other adult sites within the Netverifier network, including a large and expanding women's category.
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Pure CunnilingusPure Cunnilingus
One of the worst things about mainstream porn is that cunnilingus is given second-class status. Guys rarely go down in porn movies, and they don't do it for nearly long enough! Pure Cunnilingus is a reaction to that. It features a huge archive of guy-on-girl pussy licking pics and movies, as well as a collection of exclusive cunni-themed fiction and an information archive on everything you'd ever need to know about tongue-on-clit. If you're a fan of muff diving (and not the usual "lesbian" sort) then this is the place to go! You also get access to all the other sites in the network, including Women's Erotica Club.
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This is a small selection of the porn sites currently available to women. I recommend you visit Ms Naughty, which has a comprehensive list of erotic sites for straight women.

For The Girls



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